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Daniele Manfredini (Editor)

Current Concepts on Temporomandibular Disorders

1st Edition 2010
Hardcover, 512 pages, 320 illus
Language: English
Category: Functional Therapy

Stock No.: 18071
ISBN 978-1-85097-199-3
QP United Kingdom

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Featuring contributions from 45 world-renowned researchers and clinicians in the TMD and orofacial pain field, this comprehensive and medically based book presents current and emerging research on TMDs. In contrast to outdated paradigms that center on abnormalities of dental occlusion as the primary etiopathogenetic factor, this book presents TMDs as a major cause of orofacial pain that requires an interdisciplinary approach and thorough biopsychosocial assessment. The authors address the complex group of pathologies that affect the masticatory system through a systematic discussion of anatomy, classification, etiology, diagnosis, and interdisciplinary management. The twofold emphasis on clinical significance and strong supporting evidence makes this book a useful guide for everyday decision making and treatment planning as well as an essential read for all healthcare professionals who want to better understand what is and is not effective in the treatment of TMDs.

Part I. Fundamentals
Chapter 01. Anatomy of the TMJ and Masticatory Muscles
Chapter 02. TMD Classification and Epidemiology
Chapter 03. TMD as a Chronic Pain Disorder

Part II. Etiology
Chapter 04. Etiopathogenesis of Muscle Disorders
Chapter 05. Etiopathogenesis of TMJ Disc Displacements
Chapter 06. TMJ Osteoarthritis
Chapter 07. Bruxism and TMDs
Chapter 08. Future Perspectives in TMD Pathophysiology

Part III. Diagnosis
Chapter 09. Introduction to TMD Diagnosis
Chapter 10. Clinical Assessment
Chapter 11. Psychosocial Assessment
Chapter 12. Imaging of the TMJ
Chapter 13. Instrumental Approach
Chapter 14. Fibromyalgia
Chapter 15. Differential Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain
Chapter 16. Headache and TMDs
Chapter 17. Relationship between Otologic and TMD Symptoms
Chapter 18. Malocclusion and Body Posture
Chapter 19. Perspectives in Clinical Diagnosis of TMDs

Part IV. Management
Chapter 20. Fundamentals of TMD Management
Chapter 21. Behavioral Treatment Approaches to TMJ and Muscle Disorders
Chapter 22. Physical Therapy
Chapter 23. Pharmacologic Management
Chapter 24. Occlusal Therapy of Temporomandibular Pain
Chapter 25. Placebo Effect
Chapter 26. TMJ Arthrocentesis
Chapter 27. TMJ Major Surgery
Chapter 28. Prosthetic Rehabilitation in TMD Management
Chapter 29. Orthodontics in TMD Management
Chapter 30. Management of Bruxism
Chapter 31. Integration of Research in Clinical Practice
Chapter 32. Ethical and Legal Considerations
Chapter 33. Treatment of TMD: Think Twice!

Daniele Manfredini


Daniele Manfredini received his DDS from the University of Pisa, Italy in 1999, a MSc in Occlusion and Craniomandibular Disorders in 2001 from the same University, a PhD in Dentistry from the ACTA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2011, and a Post-Graduation Specialty in Orthodontics from the University of Ferrara, Italy, in 2017. He achieved the Diplomate Status from the American Academy of Orofacial Pain in 2021. He was a clinical fellow at the Section of Prosthetic Dentistry, Department of Neuroscience, University of Pisa, Italy until 2005. From 2006 to 2016, Daniele Manfredini has been Assistant Professor at the School of Dentistry and coordinator of the research projects at the TMD Clinic, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Padova, Italy. Since 2017, Daniele Manfredini has held teachings in Oral Physiology and in Clinical Gnathology at the School of Dentistry, University of Siena, Italy. On January 2017, the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) appointed him as a Full Professor at the age of 41. Daniele Manfredini authored more than 230 papers in the field of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders in journals indexed in the Medline database (Scopus H-index=49). He also edited, among the others, the book “Current concepts on temporomandibular disorders” (Quintessence Publishing, 2010), including contributions from 45 world-renowned experts, and co-authored several textbooks on the same topics. Based on publication ratings, in November 2013, the US agency Expertscape ranked Daniele Manfredini as world #1 expert in the field of temporomandibular joint disorders, and, in November 2018, also as #1 in the field of bruxism. From then on, Daniele Manfredini has always been classified within the top three experts in both conditions. Since 2018, Daniele Manfredini is Member and Coordinator of the Bruxism Consensus Panel within the International Association for Dental Research, which works on the updated definition and classification strategies for bruxism.


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