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Layering techniques for successful anterior composite restorations

Layering techniques for successful anterior composite restorations28 Minutes

Category: Conservative Dentistry
Language(s): English
Publication year: 2009
Video source: 60 Jahre Quintessenz

Since their introduction in dentistry, composite resin materials have been tremendously improved; their adhesive properties on both enamel and dentin have been constantly improved, permitting a more conservative approach during the cavity preparation and reinforcing the dental unity. Patients' demands for a more esthetic and metal-free restoration on posterior teeth have been increased during the last decade inducing the interest of the dental profession towards posterior esthetic restorations with composite resins. The main shortcoming of these materials, the setting contraction, can not completely solved but only minimized. Many different techniques have been developed and proposed in order to overcome such an important limitation. In posterior teeth, which are less visible, good aesthetic results can be easily achieved with modern composite materials. Despite the aesthetical potential of modern composite resin, restorations on anterior teeth require more sophisticated techniques but the use of a layering technique with dentine, enamel, and transparent masses can assure positive aesthetic results.

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