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A. Wojtowicz

The stem cells ,PRP,CSF-1 and integrins-layering scaffolds on bone augmentation

Trailer | The stem cells ,PRP,CSF-1 and integrins-layering scaffolds on bone augmentation20 Minutes

Category: Surgery, Implantology
Language(s): English
Publication year: 2009
Video source: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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Bone cells equilibrium is a important for: embryonic bone development, bone fracture healing and bone substitutes transplantation. Modified bone graft by incorporation of sialoprotein-derived EPRGNYR or RGD cell attachment motif induced more bone in heterotopic bone induction in rats. Several bone augmentation techniques were applied for alveolar bone formation as a part of implant therapy. We compared the efficacy of mature stem cells CD34+, bone cells precursor versus platelet rich plasma (PRP) transplanted in deficient bone sites on a carrier. CD34+ stem cells were isolated in gradient ficoll/hypaque by centrifugation. Isolation of platelet - for highly purify and concentrated PRP was performed using Cobe-Spectra trombocytophoresis from patients blood. The Fourier analysis of: x-ray and histological pictures showed that 6 months after surgery the augmented bone is in its trabecular structure closest to the control-contralateral bone under PRP/bovine mineral transplants in comparison to stem cells CD34+, but 1 year after surgery - no differences between intact and augmented sites were found. It is suggested that growth and differentiated factors were released during first days/weeks after transplantation from PRP and quicker into local environment (osteoblasts/osteoclasts, periosteal cells, blood cells) than from the transplanted stem cells which first differentiate into osteoclats in known "triad" methodology.

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