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Galip Gürel

Tooth Preparation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Trailer | Tooth Preparation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers45 Minutes

Category: Conservative Dentistry
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2003
Video source: ZMK-Live
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  • Anterior Tooth Preparation
  • Taking Impressions
  • Creating an Aesthetic and Functional Bite
  • Preparing the Provisional Restoration and Cementing a Single Veneer

This video demonstrates minimally invasive aesthetic preparation techniques that ensure optimal and patient-friendly dental care with maximum leeway for the dental technician. Aesthetic preliminary recontouring (APR) and aesthetic pre-evaluative temporaries (APT) are two important tools for 100% precise, predictable, and reproducible preparation of teeth for porcelain veneers, regardless of tooth position. This method can be used to create porcelain laminate veneers for all patients, including those with gaps between teeth, severe discoloration, abnormal tooth shape or growth, and more.

No preparations were made prior to this video recording (except for the wax impressions). Dr Gürel saw the patients for the fi rst time only a few minutes before performing the treatment. As a result of good communication with the laboratory, the aforementioned techniques provided a simple strategy for management of this extremely diffi cult problem, which was solved within an hour without complications.

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