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Luigi Galasso

Prosthetic issues with immediate loading

Trailer | Prosthetic issues with immediate loading25 Minuten

Rubrik(en): Implantologie
Sprache(n): Englisch
Publikationsjahr: 2009
Video-Quelle: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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Traditionally, dental implants have always been centered mainly on surgery. Almost all the research protocols and the methods consequently developed are in line with this concept. Except for the Brånemark Novum™ and the NobelGuide™, the prosthetic protocols for immediate loading are basically left at an empiric level. Unfortunately, one of the most important keys for clinical success lays in the prosthetics. The tremendous reduction of treatment time doesn't go together with the vital prosthetic need for evaluating, measuring and checking the various parameters. This, in turn, can lead to significant mistakes that are most undesirable in this delicate procedure. The lecture will address the above mentioned problems and try to offer possible solutions to them, based on the scientific and clinical experience of the author.

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